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Planning Structure

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Applying To College in THE UNITED STATES FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY can be exiting and challenging. The process is very different from our country and only possible if you get accurate information and follow the required procedures carefully.


Start the school search process. Prepare a list of the preferred colleges/universities.


Register for SAT and TOEFL


Develop your financial plan. Consider how you will pay for your education, living expenses and transportation for each year of study in the United States.

Many scholarships and awards are given to international students who are dedicated to positive civic and social change. They are highly competitive and based on a combination of outstanding academic achievement, excellent communication skills in English, leadership and community service. We will make sure that you receive one of these awards by guiding you throughout the Scholarship application material.

May – August

Build your extracurricular profile. Prepare for SAT and TOEFL.

Identify the teachers, counselors, and other adults you will ask for letters of recommendation. After an extensive interview with the parents and the child to gather information about his academic profile, learning style, extracurricular interests, personal qualities, we will generate a list of schools that are the best match for that child.


Finalize the list of schools to which you plan to apply. Begin to fill out Applications. Write rough drafts of essays.

Writing an essay for a school application calls for a slightly different style than that used for school papers. By asking guiding questions and offering some general advice, we work with student’s inherent abilities as writers and thinkers to craft an essay that, in their own voice, presents them in their best light.

December- January

Complete your applications and essays. Complete all your financial aid application forms.

Be sure to keep up the quality of your studies. Your complete academic record can be important in admission decisions.

Mail all your important documents.


Review your financial plan for your education. If the sources are not adequate, investigate any other option that you might have overlooked

April- May

You will probably hear from colleges this month or next. If you are accepted, you will be asked to let the college know by a specific date weather you will enroll. Be sure to send your reply and deposit by the acceptance deadline.

Complete your documents along with SEVIS Form I 20 A-B to apply for F-1 visa. Prepare well for the interview at Visa Embassy, New delhi.

Apply with full confidence for the visa on a prefixed appointed date.


Make travel arrangements.

Use this time and opportunity to continue upgrading your English proficiency.


Make sure all your pre-departure activities are complete.