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Personality Development


In the ever expanding frontiers of globalization and rapidly changing business expectations, employers are looking for not only the domain-specific hard skills but also certain Personality traits and soft-skills. The bar has been raised by the industry and the focus has been shifted to the role specific soft skills and Personality traits. Therefore, there is a huge shift in the existing paradigms of employer-employee relationships.

In order to meet these new challenges, a prospective job-seeker has to be expert in not only his domain-specific hard skills but also has to hone up his personality traits and soft-skills to get into perfect alignment with the roles and responsibilities of his job. Hence, keeping in view all these requirements for a job seeker we have introduced an intensive training program in PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT & SOFT SKILLS with the following focal areas:

  • 1) Introduction
  • 2) Personality Development- A must for Leadership & Career Growth.
  • 3) Personality Tests - Case Studies.
  • 4) Psychometric Testing
  • 5) Interpersonal, Intrapersonal & Communication Skills.
  • 6) Soft Skills- Demanded by every Employer.
  • 7) Classification of Soft-skills.
  • 8) Communication Skills, Spoken English, Phonetics, Accent & Intonation.
  • 9) Resume or Curriculum Vitae writing- The first step forward.
  • 10) Group Discussions, Power Point Presentations & JAM Presentations.
  • 11) Job Interviews, The gateway to Job Market- Mock Interviews & other Confidence building Exercises.
  • 12) Body Language- Reveals your Inner self & Personality
  • 13) Writing Communication to create an Impression and Impact.

The course in Personality Development and Soft skills promises to open new vistas of job-opportunities for the freshers as well as for the in-job employees for their better career growth.


COURSE FEES – Rs 15000